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Form Description Revision Date Fillable
A1  * Basic Peace Officer Appointments 03/2012 Yes
AA  * Basic Training Application (.docx) 01/2014 Yes
ASSC_Add Application for ASSC System Access **(.pdf) 01/2014 Yes
ASSC_Rem ASSC System Removal / Change Request **(.pdf) 01/2014 Yes
ASSC_Add Application for ASSC System Access **(.docx) 01/2014 Yes
ASSC_Rem ASSC System Removal / Change Request **(.docx) 01/2014 Yes
BF  * Training Attestment and Reimbursement - Roster 03/2007 Yes
BF-SI  * Training Sign In Roster 10/2006 Yes
CR-Form Request for AZPOST Certification Record 11/2013 No
CLEARS * Clears Submission & Instruction Form - (MS Word) 04/2009 Yes
DriverSim Driver Simulator Request Form - PDF 05/2009 Yes
LessonPlan Blank Lesson Plan sheets 01/2008 Yes
ME Medical Examination Report (2 pages) 11/2013 No
MH Medical History Questionnaire 06/2011 Yes
MR Mileage Reimbursement - Word fillable 01/2014 Yes
MR Mileage Reimbursement - PDF fillable 01/2014 Yes
TM  Peace Officer Termination Report 05/2011 Yes
PC Physical Aptitude Test Consent 10/2006 Yes
PH Statement of  Personal History and Application for Certification 06/2011 Yes
PH Statement of Personal History (Non Fillable) 06/2011 Yes
PHOE Statement of  Personal History and Application for  Open Enrollment 06/2011 Yes
SC    Status Change Report 06/2011 Yes
SME   SME Instructor Application 05/2012 Yes
WBpgs3-6 Waiver Basic - Worksheets (record of Equivalency Training) 06/2011 Yes
Agencies can obtain WB pages 1-2 from the "AZ POST Forms" section within their AZ POST Rules and Procedures Manual.

Unless otherwise specified, the above listed forms are in Adobe Acrobat "pdf" or MS Word  format.  Please insure that you are using the most recent version of Acrobat Reader.  Forms are provided in two categories:

Non-Fillable - Available as a master for printing copies as necessary to be completed by hand or typewriter.  

Adobe Acrobat Reader: the user will have an input mask to fill in the appropriate information on screen prior to printing. When    using a fillable form, use the "typewriter tool" to enter data.   This form can then be printed and signed for hardcopy submission and archive. While this feature may provide some convenience for the user as it eliminates the need for a typewriter, proofing must be done prior to closing the file as all filled in information will be lost and only the base unfilled form will remain. 
MS Word: The user must have a version of MS Word installed on the workstation.

Those forms listed above marked with * are for the exclusive use of a certified Arizona law enforcement agency, academy or training institution and can only be signed and submitted by the authorized official representing such agency. All other forms can be distributed to Peace Officer and/or Open Enrollment applicants and physicians.

The above listed forms can be downloaded to a directory on the user's computer.  For any problems encountered in form usage, please email our Webmaster.